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This area includes articles from how to select the appropriate pay period, handling bonuses, advances and out-of-cycle payrolls to posting and reporting on the payroll.

System Administration

Company Data no longer exists in "Company Select" Screen

Acclaim - Company listed but no Data Available

Acclaim - Invalid Pointer Operation when Changing Data Year

Acclaim - Date is Displaying the wrong century

Acclaim - Changing payroll group for employeeAcclaim - Reduction of Income Tax Deduction as Source

Payroll processing

Acclaim - Company Payroll Data is in the wrong year

Acclaim - EI Hours are doubling on hourly employee's paycards

Acclaim - Formula Based Payroll Category is Calculating Too Low

Acclaim - How do we calculate the tax

Acclaim - Income Tax is Calculated in Employee Paycard Even Though Employee is Set as Tax Exempt

Acclaim - Insurable Earnings Are Not Stopping at Max in Employee Year-to-date Journal

Acclaim - Selected the wrong period for my payroll

Acclaim - Vacation pay not appearing on Paycard

Payment and Reporting

Acclaim - Creating another bank file

Acclaim - Employees missing from bank file

Acclaim - Cheque Reconciliation

Acclaim - Payroll Category not showing on Paystub

Acclaim - Payslip Export Options Missing

Acclaim - Reports Giving Incorrect Amounts

Acclaim - Tax is calculating too high for this pay run

Acclaim - Can I print checks after posting

What is Pier Review

Closing Quarters, Years and Period Reporting

Before closing the current payroll year

No Argument %s - Error while closing year

No Data to Report during Export of Payroll

ROE Insurable amount 15C break down not printing

There is nothing to report when running a report












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