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In case you need an administrator account on SQL Server for batch job, scripting etc. purposes, you can add your Windows login as administrator to AKM instance.

Here is how to accomplish this step by step:

  1. Run SQL Server Surface Area Configuration from Microsoft SQL Server -> Configuration Tools
  2. Click on Add New Administrator
  3. Enter which user to give administrator access to in "User to provision" textbox
  4. Click on AKM instance on the left pane under Available privileges box and click the > arrow to move it to the right pane.
  5. Click OK and close Surface Area Configuration
  6. Run SQL Server Management Studio
  7. Login with the Windows login that you gave administrator access to.

Now you can create management scripts for scheduled jobs with your username.

Always remember that Paymate Software will not be held responsible for integrity problems caused by manual data or SQL operations. Proceed at your own risk.