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How to change the SQL Server “Login”/Start-up account.


Sometimes when you are attempting to create or restore a backup within Paymate Platinum or Clarity you receive an error “Unable to create backup –error code 5”.  This error occurs because the account that is responsible for running the SQL service does not have permissions on the local machine or server to create files in the targeted directory.  This account is often set to “network-service”.

How to fix the problem:

Fixing the problem is actually very easy, just follow these steps.


2 – Login to the computer that is hosting the SQL Server database

3 – Go to the Start Menu and Select “Control Panel”, the control panel can appear in three ways, so I’ll note how to access each step for each display below.

3a (Category view) – Select “System and Security”, then go to “Administrative Tools” at the bottom.

              3b (Large Icons) – Select Administrative Tools (2 nd item at the top of the list normally)

              3c (Small Icons) – Select Administrative Tools (2 nd item at the top of the list normally)

4 – Select “Services” from the list of Administrative Tools

5 – Scroll down the list until you find one of the following.

n                   SQL Server (AKM)

n                   SQL Server (AKMUS)

n                   Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (AKM)

n                   Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (AKMUS)

6 – Right click on the service once you find the one that you require and select “Properties” from context menu that appears.

7 – Select the “Log On” tab.

8 – At this time you will likely see the Log On tab appearing as follows.

10 – Change the Log on as option from “This account:” to be selected  as “Local System Account” and the “Allow service to interact with desktop” option enabled as seen below.



11 – Click on the “Apply” button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

12 – Return to the “General” tab

13 – Click on the “Stop” button at the bottom of the screen, wait a minute for the service to stop.

14 – Click on the Start button to restart the service.  Once the service is started close all necessary windows.

15 – You should now be able to create and restore backups on your server now.