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Magnetic Media Filing





I have finished my T4’s, T4A’s, RL-1’s and would like to try that magnetic media filing the government is offering rather than send these by mail. Is this possible?





Paymate allows you to create, edit, and print your T4s, T4As, and RL-1 forms both supplementaries and summaries.

You should verify that all amounts are correct before printing your T4s etc. Verify that the summary's and everything else is correct. The audit report is best for verifying company totals. If necessary, Paymate will allow you to create or print your T4s etc. as many times as necessary.


Special Note for Dot Matrix Printer Users

Users of Dot Matrix printers should be aware that printing on this type of printer could be slow. The suggestion that we have is that you make the dot matrix printer your default printer in windows and that you change the property, Graphics/Dithering to Coarse. This will instruct the printer to print in draft mode and will possibly be quicker.


Relevé 1 Processing

Relevé 1 Processing


T619 Magnetic Media Transmittal

You also have the ability to Magnetic Media file your T4 returns. To do this you must


·         Have a transmitter number, which is only available from CCRA

·         Fill out all the fields in the T619 Magnetic Media Transmittal window


Related Topics

How many forms do I need to produce?

Follow the instructions set out under the Forms heading on the menu. Choose create and choose the form that you want to produce, T4, T4A, or RL-1. If your company has more that one RCT (EI) number you must create a separate set of forms for each RCT number. 
What is the refund, box 83 ?

Under the T4 Summary form there is a section for box 83 (New Hires Refund). Check with CCRA to verify if you qualify for this refund. Also along with each supplementary and summary you may also print an audit report to verify your figures.






More information and resources

For further information regarding filing of tax slips, see following publications:


·         For how to file T4 and T4A slips


Employers Guide to Payroll Deductions - Basic Information



·         For specification on T4s Magnetic Media Filing


Computer Specifications for Data Filed on Magnetic Media - T4, T4A, and T4A-NR
# T4028(E)


·         For how to file RL-1 slips


Employment and Other Income - Guide to filing the RL-1 Slip
# RL-1.G-V