Paymate Acclaim Plus is designed for Canadian payroll software users and typically for small environments with only one (1) user.  This program is optimized for single user local installation where no internet access is available or required.

Acclaim Getting Started

For Articles on System Minimum requirements; installation guides, directions and suggestions; licensing methods and policies; and general company configuration and setup items proceed here.

Acclaim Operations

This area includes articles from how to select the appropriate pay period, handling bonuses, advances and out-of-cycle payrolls to posting and reporting on the payroll.

Acclaim - Tax-Filing and Remittances

Tax time always comes at the busiest time of year.  These articles range from how to create your tax reports to electronic filling to the government and distribution to your staff.  Find articles on tax remittances, processing, filing and common issues and solutions.

Acclaim - Interfaces

Find articles for integration into other solutions.  Articles include detailed how-to documents on the integration with standard software interfaces as well as the ability to import and export data from Paymate Acclaim to other solutions. Interfaces, requirements, and file formats can all be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions with Paymate Acclaim

Special or unique scenarios or troubleshooting an issue with your installation, company or data can often be resolved by Paymate Acclaims in-depth FAQ section.

 Paymate Acclaim Training Videos

Learn how to use the individual features of Paymate Acclaim by watching these individual Training Videos at your convenience. 

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