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Harmony's standard GL export is compatible with Protractor. 


  • Have posted the payroll you’d like to export from Harmony
  • Have created your account codes/numbers in Protractor

Note: By default, you are not required to use account numbers in Protractor. It is your responsibility to create your GL account numbers in Protractor. Please contact Protractor for more information. Paymate can help you map it to the correct payroll category and/or department in Harmony, but  cannot help you with configuring Protractor.


I. Setting Up Your GL Export Interface

  1. In Harmony, navigate to the Payroll module.
  2. Navigate to Admin Settings > Interfaces > GL Export Interfaces.
  3. Find “Standard GL Detail”. Toggle it on to activate it and set it as your default export interface.

II. Define Your GL Account Codes

  1. In Harmony Payroll, navigate to Payroll Setup > General Ledger Setup > Account Setup.
  2. Define your debit/credit account numbers for each department and/or payroll category that you have identified in Protractor.
  3. Click the save icon to save your account numbers. 

III. Define Your GL Account Structure

  1. In Harmony Payroll, navigate to Payroll Setup > General Ledger Setup > Structure.
  2. You can either create a new structure, or modify the pre-existing one that comes default in Harmony. By default, the structure is “Category GL” only. If you require departments code and/or department GL account numbers, you can make this change.

IV. Export Your Payroll / GL Entries

  1. In Harmony Payroll, navigate to Processing > Create GL Records.
  2. Select the appropriate filters for “Payroll Group” and “Filter by”.
  3. Click the refresh icon to pull up a list of employees according to your filters.
  4. Select the employees you want to create GL records for.
  5. Click “Create”. A document icon will appear next to your employees’ names. Click this icon to view their GL record and verify that the it is balanced and will be exported to the correct GL account. 
  6. Select the employees you want to export. Ensure that the correct GL Export Interface is selected in the far right dropdown list and click “Export”.
  7. If you want to enter a comment or memo, enter it into the "Memo" field. This is optional. 
  8. Select the appropriate “Employee Identification”: This is how you want your employees to be identified in the transaction.
  9. Click “Export”. Your file should now be downloaded to your browser’s default downloads folder.

IV. Import Your File to Protractor

  1. In Protractor, import the file you downloaded from Harmony. Your transactions will be visible and show the complete check and GL details. 
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