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The Paymate Software uses it's own AKM (Canada) and AKMUS (USA) SQL Database instance for security and safety purposes. This is done intentially to ensure that your Payroll data is kept secure and confidential from other users and systems that may not be entitled to the information held in payroll such as Employee addresses, tax identification information, pay rates and more.  In order to enforce this policy and to maintain the security of your data, the SQL Server Administratrive ("sa") account on all instances are set and defined by Paymate and NOT provided to any non-paymate staff member.

The SQL server instance is installed using "Mixed-mode" authentication, meaning the your network administrator can still access the data via the Computers Windows Administrator account.  Additional accounts can be given access to the database by the administrator using Domain Adminstration rights.  Furthermore, using Paymate Platinum or Clarity you have the ability to create users that are "External Users".  These users are special SQL Server User accounts that will have access directly to the database of the software.