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In order to setup RRSP you need to define two payroll categories. One for the Employer portion of RRSP and one for Employee portion.


Setting up RRSP – Employee Contribution


Under the Form assignment tab assign the payroll category to Box 20 on T4 and if required in your case on Box D on Releve1.



Once the payroll category setup is complete precede to employee master paycard to set the individual contribution rate under the deduction tab. Depending on how the payroll category was setup you enter appropriate rate in the factor field. If the category was set as standard percentage for all enter 100 here. If the rate is to be set individually then enter the employee’s contribution rate here.




Setting up RRSP–Employer Contribution

To set up Employer RRSP contribution to match employee contributions a Benefit payroll category can be added. To create a benefit payroll category go to Setup > Payroll Settings > Payroll Categories. Click on add (+) button and select Benefit from the list of options.  Complete the Basic Information under the General Tab. Also, under the SUBJECT TO window Federal, Provincial and Quebec (if required) income taxes flags should be checked.

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Under the Type select FORMULA. And in Formula definition add the payroll category RRSP (this is employee RRSP) and enter the percentage depending upon how much the employer will contribute for example 100% (if employer matches employee contribution 100%)