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When attempting to select a pay period, the box is grayed out and will not allow you to select a new pay period.  


NOTE: The steps below will PERMANENTLY DELETE the timesheets/Job Cost entries. The process described assumes that the existing entries are improper. You must decide whether the entries do in fact need to be deleted, or whether they simply need to be posted. If you choose to post the entries, you must follow your normal posting procedures (from the Post menu option at the top menu).

In this scenario, either there are unposted timesheets in the pay period displayed, or there are unposted Job Cost entries. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

  1. On the top menu go to Utilities>Backup and create a backup of the current database.
  2. .Go to Payroll/Delete All Timesheets
  3. Once all timesheets have been deleted, go to Payroll\Process Job Cost\Edit.
  4. Click on ‘Delete All’.
  5. Close the payroll processing window, go back to Payroll\Select Pay Period, and you will be able to select the proper period. 

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  1. Scenario: By mistake incorrect pay period was selected and user started the payroll process.


    1. Delete the payroll entries and Job cost entries from the incorrect pay period in process: Payroll > Delete all paycards; Payroll > Process job cost entries > Edit job cost entries > Delete all button
    2. Open the correct pay period: Payroll > Select pay period > Select payroll group > Select the pay period end date > Review pay date > Save