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If you receive an invalid password error for any of the three user names listed in the page title, follow these solutions:

Solution 1: If you don't have many company databases, you can backup your existing company databases, uninstall your AKM instance and install your SQL Server 2005 AKM instance again. After reinstalling, restore your company backups. The installation file would reset passwords for sa and akm_sa@AKMUser accounts.

Solution 2: Contact Paymate Software Support and schedule an appointment for an online session. Support staff will reset your SQL Server passwords by logging in to your server. Make sure you have downloaded and installed SQL Server Management Studio (you can download the free express edition here ) before contacting support.

Note: If you only receive this error for supervisor@AKMUser account, you can edit Clarity.config or Platinum.config file located in your Clarity or Platinum installation folder, set the FIRSTTIMERUN to TRUE, save the file and try logging in again. This would reset the supervisor password. You must do this operation on the server, this operation can not be done from workstations.

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  1. Making the FirstTimeRUn=TRUE will make the sa password window to appear