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Acclaim - Company data no longer exists in “Company Select” screen after installation or reinstallation





You have installed a new version of Paymate or you have reinstalled Paymate, when Paymate is started, your company is no longer listed in “Company Select” screen.




This problem is due to Paymate’s working directory is not setup properly.


Working directory is the directory where Paymate look for company data folders. By default, Paymate initialize the working directory to the directory where Paymate is installed.


To change the working directory, please do the followings:


1. From main menu, go to “Setup | Preferences”

2. From “Preferences” screen, click on “General” tab. At the bottom, you will see “Working Directory” group box. Please use the “Browse…” button to select your working directory. When keeping your data on a network, the working directory may be either in Mapped Drive Format or UNC Format. You must use the UNC Format if the network drive’s path name has spaces.



If you don’t know what your working directory is, please follow the steps below:


1. Start Windows Explorer and identify all drive letters currently available on this machine (excluding any removable disk drives). For example, your machine may have a C: drive and a D: drive, and also be connected to a network server (i.e. X: drive).

2. Using the “Search…” function, search all drives for folders ending in .CPY (you can search for *.CPY).

3. Make a note of the “In Folder” location of all the folders the find function locates.

4. Identify which one of the locations is the correct data location, then update Paymate’s working directory as explained above.