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Pre Requisite:

  • User require HR module in order to produce the report

1 – Setup Employee

Employee > Organization > fill values for EEO-1 job categories and CA Pay Data report

2 – Setup Pay Category Form Assignment

Assign 'CA - Pay Data report - hours worked' to all required payroll categories.

Note: for Salary employee you may need to create benefit to track hours.

Setup > Payroll settings > Payroll categories (earning) > Double click the pay category > Form assignments tab > Form: Local > Box : Hours Worked

Example of the Hourly pay category:

Example of Benefit for Salary employee:

3 – Produce the report

This report uses yearly data for employees who have paycards in one pay period.

Forms > Tax Form Wizard > Prepare a new report > Next > select the Federal | CA Pay Data Report > Next > Select departments > Next > Finish

Report will ask to select pay period: either select period or select 'No payroll within snapshot' and it will populate all employees. If company has more then on pay frequency (payroll groups), select 'No payroll within snapshot'

Report will show the information based on the employee setup